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Working together with the client, architect, or building contractor from the beginning of a project allows us to optimise end value to client.
Using the clients requirements and expectations, we are able to utilise our expertise in the design, production and installation to provide reliable information with regard design, planning, budget costs and scheduling.

Our Australian personnel provide both an interface for design and installation/ commissioning.
Design support

Design concepts for budget purposes are extended to include complete shop detailing services. The newest design software, drawings and technical documentation help to reduce construction time, with saved costs benefiting all stakeholders. Component systems are modelled within a 3D environment (Revit/ Navisworks), to allow for ease of document creation, and to also allow for co-ordination between other trades.
Scheduling and Production

Our European operation and sister company GMAC Polska Sp Z.o.o co-ordinate all procurement, scheduling and fabrication activities with our supplier group. Personnel on the ground monitor activity, production rates and quality assurance.
Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM systems are utilised to manage our construction projects. They are used throughout the project development design process, through to production and installation. The plans can be shared with contractors and engineers. SCIA and SpaceGAS Engineering software is used for accurate and optimal design of structures in 4D space.

Key benefits of BIM to our customers:
  • Visualisation of design ideas and changes to find the optimal solutions
  • Careful planning in advance to ensure co-ordination, reduce interference and to maintain smooth progress at the coal face (construction site)
  • Transparent project follow-up and better communication
  • Up-to-date project status
  • Project completed on time and on budget.

Where required, GMA Metals Australia (GMAMA) is able to provide site installation services. Key supervisory personnel are experienced within the construction industry in both domestic (Australia) and international workplaces.

Work is done on time, in a safe and professional manner.